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SUSE Enterprise Architect


To become a SUSE Enterprise Architect (SEA), candidates must achieve  a certification portfolio that includes:

  • 3 Administrator certifications from any of the existing tracks.
  • 2 Engineer certifications from any 2 of the tracks where the candidate has already certified at the Administrator level.
  • 1 elective certification from any track. Existing electives include any remaining certification from any remaining track or specialty certifications in Advanced Support, Security or High Availability.

The SCE11 and SCE12 are considered to be the same level of certification and only one may be used toward attaining the SEA. 
The “2 Engineer certifications” requirement must be satisfied from two separate tracks.

Note that the SEA has no “in” designation, and there is no test for becoming an SEA. Instead, candidates achieve SEA by getting certified in a sufficient number of the requisite Engineer and Administrator focus areas.


The Value of Being a SUSE Architect

Why do we ask so much to achieve an SEA? To be well rounded, candidates should prove a breadth of knowledge across SUSE platforms and technologies…but they must also prove sufficient depth.

This method of certifying proves a greater depth and breadth of understanding throughout  the entire SUSE solution framework.