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    DO240 Cloud-native API Administration with Red Hat 3scale API Management



    Introduction to building and managing APIs using standard practices with Red Hat 3scale API Management Build and Administer APIs with Red Hat 3scale API Management (DO240) is a hands-on, lab-based course that gives developers and administrators an introduction to managing APIs with our technology. Red Hat® 3scale API Management enables developers and administrators to monetize, manage, and document APIs. This course is based on Red Hat 3scale API Management 2.4. API management capabilities are becoming increasingly important as companies begin to use application programming interfaces to provide direct programmable access to their services, data, and processes. In this course, you will explore the features of Red Hat 3scale API Management and learn to create and manage a developer portal with these features:

    • End-user signup flows
    • ActiveDocs documentation
    • Custom workflows
    • Rate limits
    • SOAP and ODATA web services
    Through your understanding of these features and others, you will find out how 3scale API Management plays a critical role in digital transformation and agile integration practices. Course content summary
    • Understand 3scale API Management architecture and primary features.
    • Learn typical API use cases and strategies.
    • Investigate 3scale API Management deployment options.
    • Establish and configure subscription plans.
    • Configure and test API management integration.
    • Configure a developer portal.
    • Set up Red Hat SSO integration.


    Impact on the organization

    APIs have been driven to the forefront of software development through digital transformation, microservice architectures, and agile development practices. Forrester estimates that 40% of U.S. companies will have API management solutions by 2020. Platforms like Red Hat 3scale API Management allow organizations to easily increase customer value with APIs. This course develops the skills needed to produce secure, scalable, and reliable APIs that are managed by 3scale API Management.

    Red Hat has created this course in a way intended to benefit our customers, but each company and infrastructure is unique, and actual results or benefits may vary.

    Impact on the individual

    As a result of attending this course, you will understand the architecture and features of 3scale API Management and will be able to demonstrate these skills:

    • Create, manage, and monetize APIs.
    • Establish and configure API subscription plans.
    • Configure and test API management integration.
    • Configure rate limits for APIs.

    Grupa docelowa

    • API developers interested in using 3scale API Management for API billing and enabling security and access control features
    • System architects and administrators who want to create a portal for monetizing their APIs


    • Familiarity with APIs and testing APIs
    • Familiarity with containers and Red Hat® OpenShift is helpful, but not required


    • 3scale API Management solution overview
    • API strategies
    • Architecture and deployment options
    • OpenShift architecture and concepts
    • Basic API management configuration
    • Set up developer portal
    • Set up Red Hat SSO integration
    • Set up API billing
    • Define webhooks
    • 3scale Platform REST API


    Duration: 3 days (Classroom), 4 days (Virtual training)

    Recommended next exam or course – EX240 Red Hat Certified Specialist in API Management exam

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      – Termin gwarantowany (GTR)

    Gdańsk - 2024-06-25 / 2024-06-27 PL
    Gdańsk - 2024-08-06 / 2024-08-08 PL
    Gdańsk - 2024-09-17 / 2024-09-19 PL
    Katowice - 2024-06-11 / 2024-06-13 PL
    Katowice - 2024-07-23 / 2024-07-25 PL
    Katowice - 2024-09-03 / 2024-09-05 PL
    Kraków - 2024-06-18 / 2024-06-20 PL
    Kraków - 2024-07-30 / 2024-08-01 PL
    Kraków - 2024-09-10 / 2024-09-12 PL
    Virtual Training
    Virtual - 2024-06-24 / 2024-06-27 PL
    Virtual - 2024-07-22 / 2024-07-25 PL
    Virtual - 2024-08-19 / 2024-08-22 PL
    Virtual - 2024-09-16 / 2024-09-19 PL
    Warszawa - 2024-06-24 / 2024-06-26 PL
    Warszawa - 2024-07-22 / 2024-07-24 PL
    Warszawa - 2024-08-19 / 2024-08-21 PL
    Warszawa - 2024-09-16 / 2024-09-18 PL
    Wrocław - 2024-07-16 / 2024-07-18 PL
    Wrocław - 2024-08-27 / 2024-08-29 PL
    Wrocław - 2024-06-04 / 2024-06-06 PL
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