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This two day course teaches students how to prepare for and execute a competent and successful deployment of SUSE Enterprise Storage using standard tools, methods, and best practices. The course assumes that students have a basic understanding of Ceph storage, the RADOS cluster and typical configuration details.

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In this course, attendees will learn the following:

  • Understand the requirements to plan and prepare for a successful SES 6 deployment using DeepSea
  • Understand the capabilities of Salt that pertain to DeepSea
  • Learn about Software Defined Storage concepts and considerations
  • Understand the details of the 6 Stages of deployment using DeepSea
  • Investigate detailed troubleshooting approaches to aid successful deployment

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Delivery Method: Classroom/Virtual training
Course Duration: 2 days
Course Level: Intermediate


Attendees should have a working knowledge of SUSE Enterprise Storage (or other Ceph based cluster technologies) to the level required by SUSE Certified Administrator in Enterprise Storage.


  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: SES 6 Overview
  • Section 3: Salt Primer for DeepSea Administrators
  • Section 4: Introduction to DeepSea
  • Section 5: Deployment Considerations
  • Section 6: Deploying with DeepSea
  • Section 7: Ceph Dashboard
  • Section 8: DeepSea Removal Stage (Stage 5)