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This course covers deploying and administering Rancher Prime Manager in existing Kubernetes clusters. The course begins with an introduction to SUSE Rancher Prime Manager, what is required for a deployment, different deployment strategies, and best practices for deployment.  

The next sections provide an understanding of deploying Rancher Prime Manager in three different ways, using self-signed certificates, Let’s Encrypt and signed certificates, depending on your specific needs. Deployment in an air-gapped environment is also covered. Students are taught how to back up and restore Rancher Prime Manager, migrate it to a new cluster, and how to upgrade it from a previous version to the current one.    

This course will help prepare for the SUSE Certified Deployment Specialist (SCDS) in Rancher Prime Manager 2.7 and RKE2 certification exam.

Downloadable Course Description


Attendees will be taught the following concepts and skills:

  • Overview of Rancher Prime Manager
  • Deployment Requirements
  • Deployment Strategies
  • Deployment of Rancher Prime Manager
  • Backup and Restore of Rancher Prime Manager
  • Migrating Rancher Prime Manager to a New Cluster
  • Upgrading Rancher Prime Manager

Grupa docelowa:

This course is designed for users who will be deploying Rancher Prime Manager, need to know the process to troubleshoot deployment problems, and will be providing consulting on Rancher Prime Manager.


Delivery Method: Instructor Led Training or Virtual training
Course Duration: 2 days ILT
Course Level: Intermediate


An understanding of Kubernetes objects and resources is needed for this course. This knowledge can be gained through the KUB201v1.2: Kubernetes Administration course. Linux command line experience is required.


Course Outline

  1. Section 1: Course Introduction
    • Course Objectives and Audience
    • Course Lab Environment Overview
    • Certification Options
    • Additional SUSE Training
  2. Section 2: Overview of the Rancher Prime Manager Deployment Process
    • Introduce Rancher Prime Manager
    • Understand Node Requirements for Rancher Prime Manager Deployment
    • Understand Deployment Strategies Understand Rancher Prime Manager Deployment Options
    • Overview of Rancher Prime Manager Certificate Options
    • Overview of Rancher Prime Manager Deployment Best Practices
  3. Section 3: Install Rancher Prime Manager
    • Overview of Rancher Prime Manager Deployment
    • Deploy cert-manager
    • Deploy Rancher Prime Manager with Self-Signed Certificates
    • Deploy Rancher Prime Manager with Let's Encrypt
    • Deploy Rancher Prime Manager with Signed Certificates
  4. Section 4: Install Air-Gapped Rancher Prime Manager
    • Overview of Rancher Prime Manager in an Air-Gapped Environment
    • Mirror Image Repositories
    • Prepare Helm Charts
    • Deploy cert-manager and Rancher Prime Manager
  5. Section 5: Backup, Restore, and Migrate Rancher Prime Manager
    • Overview of Rancher Prime Manager Backup, Restore, and the Migration Processes
    • Deploy the Rancher Backup Operator
    • Back Up Rancher Prime Manager
    • Restore Rancher Prime Manager
    • Migrate Rancher Prime Manager to a New Cluster
  6. Section 6: Upgrade Rancher Prime Manager
    • Understand Rancher Prime Manager Upgrade Best Practices
    • Upgrade a SUSE Rancher Cluster