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This course can teach skilled database administrators how to install and use MariaDB MaxScale to manage a cluster of database servers. 


Students will learn to configure MaxScale to split database traffic between servers for load balancing, how to replace automatically a failed master server.  It can also be used to stream large amounts of data to other applications (e.g., Hadoop).

All of these tasks are easy to do with MaxScale. Students will not only learn these things, but they will do them during the course.

Grupa docelowa:

Skilled database administrators wishing to become a manager of database server cluster.


This is a 2-day course.
Each day is a 5-hour session that includes instructor-led training and hands-on exercises. 


At least intermediate knowledge of MariaDB or MySQL, as well as experience using MariaDB Replication.



  • Install and configure MariaDB Replication & Replication Manager
  • Install and configure MaxScale
  • Perform common administrative tasks with MaxScale
  • Configure Services and Filters for handling queries
  • Create Monitors and Routers for managing database traffic