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This instructor-led course is for anyone who wants to have a highly available, multi-master Cluster using Galera. Learn the basics behind Galera technology, as well as more advanced topics related to configuring, optimizing and administering a Galera Cluster. Everything you need to know in just two days.


  • Install and configure a Galera Cluster
  • Understand how out-of-sync nodes resynchronize and how multi-master conflicts are resolved
  • Learn to desynchronize a node to be able to make backups of MariaDB
  • When a cluster is shut down cleanly or crashes, learn how to recover properly to avoid loss of data between nodes
  • Load balance and monitor a cluster using MaxScale, as well as various caveats and advanced topics related to Galera

Grupa docelowa:

Learn everything you need to set up and run a highly available, multi-master cluster using Galera. We’ll train you in the basics of Galera architecture and functionality, as well as more advanced techniques for configuring and administering a Galera Cluster.



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To szkolenie oferowane jest w formie online - sesje kilkudniowe. 

This is a 2-day course. Each day is a 6.5-hour session that includes instructor-led training, followed by hands-on exercises. 
We will keep a 30 min lunch/coffee break around 12 pm. 
Disclaimer: Course dates and times are subject to change.

W celu ustalenia szczegółów prosimy o kontakt na osec@osec.pl


  • Completion of the MariaDB for DBAs course OR relevant working experience as MariaDB or MySQL, Database Administrator
  • Working knowledge of database concepts
  • Working knowledge of UNIX/Linux command-prompt usage
  • Basic knowledge of computer networking


  • Linux administration skills
  • MariaDB server configuration and usage
  • Familiarity with AWS VMs
  • Familiarity with VirtualBox


Course Highlights
You'll learn many things in this course related to administering Galera MariaDB. In particular, you'll learn how to:

  • Install and Configure MariaDB Galera Servers;
  • Benchmark Galera for Improved Performance;
  • Dealing with Multi‐Master Conflicts;
  • Making Schema Changes;
  • Make Back‐Ups and Restore Them—as well as Getting All Nodes On‐Line; and
  • Load Balancing.

Course Outline
Below is the outline of this course. Based on student needs, though, this may change for each teaching of the course.

  • Architecture
  • Installing MariaDB & Galera Plug‐in
  • Galera SQL Features
  • Benchmarking Galera
  • Multi‐Master Conflicts
  • Full & Incremental State Transfer
  • Advanced Galera Topics
  • Schema Changes
  • Back‐Ups with Galera
  • Recovery
  • Load Balancing with Galera